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Stop waiting. Run better ads, faster.

Preflect runs your ads better, in less time. It's Autopilot for Ads

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Preflect's AI guides you to run more profitable ads

Always know what's working, know what isn't working, and what you need to do

"Constant communication. Dollars working, proven - Really are great people doing a great thing. Couldn't recommend enough!"

"VERY skeptical person about apps, especially in the ad space world, and rarely have any expectation of fluid honesty, hard work, or otherwise. Preflect has made me out to be a dummy in this regard. "

"Super easy to use and a great support system behind it! 100% worth it and would definitely recommend to anyone running social ads."

"Preflect is awesome AI technology backed by great founders. Seriously, the founders were on the phone with us from first download, to ad campaign set up, and are now checking in with us."

Facebook Ads are easier on autopilot

Don't spend hours every week trying to decode Facebook Ads Manager

AI Targeting

Automatically discover new shoppers with done-for-you AI-automated targeting

+ AI Optimization

Invisible-yet-powerful optimization helps your ads earn better results in less time

Instant Setup

Preflect sets up your ad campaigns, right inside your own Facebook Ads account

+ You're in Control

You set your Facebook budget: Preflect obeys it and maximizes results

Clear Reports

You're always in-the-know thanks to Preflect's twice-weekly email reports

+ Creative Feedback

Preflect gives feedback on your images and videos, helping you create great content

Ads agencies are slow and expensive

We created Preflect to help you succeed without paying ads agencies $3,000+/month

"There aren't many companies that take the time to either help set up campaigns or go over optimization strategies in DEPTH like Preflect does."

"Where do I even start? Ian, Brecker, and Diana have been nothing short of AMAZING. I HIGHLY recommend their services to anyone looking to scale their e-commerce business."

"Preflect rocks! Great support, simple integration, and the results speak for themselves (3X ROAS all day!)"

"We have been using their app for months to manage our Facebook/IG ads. 100% would recommend for anyone looking to increase their return on social advertising."

Easily run great ads in 5 minutes with Preflect

We're always here for you: support is just a live-chat away!

1. Upload Ads to Preflect's Shopify App

Just upload images or videos, and write text for them. We handle Facebook setup for you.

2. Deploy!

Yes... Preflect is that easy! Now sit back and relax. Preflect sets up and runs your ads for you.

3. Receive Clear Recommendations

We tell you which products and ads are working and which ones aren't, helping you earn more profit.
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It's time you join the Preflect movement

Ads agencies drain the wallets of small businesses.
We founded Preflect to fix that, with backing from Mark Cuban.
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"I paid off the agency I was using (painful $5K mistake) and signed up with Preflect and the results have been night and day!"

"I'd give 6 stars if that was a thing! Great interface, very responsive support! All the data crunching the Preflect does for me and all the automatic features really take a lot of the guess work out of my Facebook ad spend!"
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For Businesses on Shopify

Starting at $299/mo

(Facebook Ad Spend Billed Separately)

Run ads with proven strategies

AI-powered recommendations

Support from ads experts

No setup fees or contracts

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