Are you turning away leads that aretoo small?

Get asked to run ads for merchants who're too small or can't afford your fees?

Stop turning them away and monetize those leads by partnering with Preflect!

Partner with Preflect & Monetize Your Bad Leads

Turn lost revenue into income!

Turning away leads?

We know that you get asked to run ads for brands that are just too small to pay your fees and you just have to turn them away. That traffic is earning your $0/year! 😰

We'll take your bad leads!

Bad leads for you might be good leads for us. We work with merchants spending $30-$100/day on FB ads, so if they're too small to work with you, send them our way!

Get Paid

Preflect pays affiliates 15-25% commission depending on the partnership. This averages to $70/month in commission per merchant! Ready to partner with Preflect?

Want to become a Preflect Affiliate Partner?

We make it easier than ever to get paid!

1. Book a partnership call

We'll chat about what you do and who you work with to see if there's a good partnership opportunity.

2. Send leads our way

Send affiliate leads our way.

3. Get Paid!

Now sit back, relax, and get paid for leads that would have earned you $0 before partnering with Preflect!
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